Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long does the exposure process take? 

A.  If the sun is directly overhead, the exposure period could be a minute or less.  On cloudy days or if the sun is either rising or setting, exposure times can reach 2-4 minutes.

Q.  What types of objects produce the best prints?

A.  Any object that blocks the sun will work.  Objects that block all light (such as keys) will produce a more defined image.  Consider adding a sheet of plexi glass or a frame holder to your order if you are interested in printing lightweight objects that can be pressed flat- such as feathers, leaves, or stencils.

Q.  Will my finished print fade over time?

A.  It is best to keep your print away from direct sunlight as the sun’s UV rays will cause fading of finished prints over time.  Displaying your prints indoors, away from direct sunlight, is strongly suggested.

Q.  Is it possible to alter the shade of blue in my finished print?

A.  Absolutely.  Add a dash of hydrogen peroxide (can be purchased at any pharmacy) to your rinse water.  If the paper is already in the rinse, you will notice the shade of blue deepen almost instantly. 

Q.  Is it possible to draw on Nature Print Paper?

A.  Yes.  One option is to grab a Q tip or paint brush, dip it in hydrogen peroxide, and begin drawing on unexposed paper (fresh out of the black bag).  The hydrogen peroxide reacts with the coating on the paper causing it to turn white where it comes in contact with the paper.  You will want to make sure to create your drawing indoors and away from sunlight as the paper will start exposing before you are ready if you are drawing outdoors.  Once you have finished your creation, take the paper outside for the exposure process.  Once the paper’s blue areas turn pale blue, remove from the sunlight and submerge the paper in water per the instructions on the packaging. 

Option 2 requires a sheet of vellum or clear transparency film.  Draw directly on the vellum or transparency and place over the top of the Nature Print Paper during the exposure process. 

Q.  Where can I get more ideas on how to use Nature Print Paper?

A.  We, as well as our customers, are constantly posting pictures and ideas on Instagram and Facebook.  Make sure to check us out and remember to share photos of your creations using the hashtag #natureprintpaper