About Us

Our Mission

Here at Nature Print Paper we strive to deliver a quality product that encourages our customers to use their imagination and experience the world around them.  In a day in age where it is easier and easier to play inside, we like to remind our customers that a little sunshine is good for the soul. 

Our History

It all began in 1963 in the San Francisco Bay Area with Sharon Herrera, a local kindergarten teacher.  Ms. Herrera had a passion for art and a knack for creating projects that inspired and entertained her students. She often brought in her own supplies, as many teachers do, and found that the magical blue paper her students used for creating prints with the sun was always an exciting and popular project.  Little did she know at the time that this paper would eventually change her career path.

Her supplier of the magical blue paper was a close family friend and the owner of Berkeley Blue Print.  In those days, when blue print shops made their prints, there was always a bit of paper left at the ends of the rolls that was not long enough for the shop’s printing purposes.  Berkeley Blue Print was happy to supply local teachers with their scrap paper for art and science projects, and for years there was a steady supply of the magical blue paper for all who wanted it.    

There was only one problem- printing and paper were evolving at a quick pace and Berkeley Blue Print made the switch from white line to blue line reproduction paper as did all print shops.  Ms. Herrera’s supply of this unique paper came to a halt.  Then in an effort to keep the fun classroom projects alive, Mrs. Herrera started Nature Print Paper.  The owners of the blueprint shop put her in contact with their paper supplier allowing  her to purchase paper directly from the manufacturer.  Fast forward to today, more than 40 years later, the magical blue paper we all use today is the exact same paper that Mrs. Herrera’s students were experimenting with in the 1960s.   Mrs. Herrera owned and operated the business for nearly 40 years when she finally decided it was time to retire.  In 2015 she sold Nature Print Paper to the Rogers family who ironically were the manufacturers of the paper all along.       

Our Family

We are a small family business operating out of the great state of Texas.  You may have noticed from our family photo that we are quite a bit younger than Nature Print Paper; we are the second generation of Rogers to be in the paper manufacturing business.  We are thrilled with the opportunity to be able to take Nature Print Paper from our factory floor directly to you, our customers.  If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will see many ideas and adventures featuring our family and our customers.  We are always on the hunt for new ways to spend time outside with our little ones and of course Nature Print Paper.